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How to Resolve the Issue of Yahoo Mail Not Working on Edge?
about 1 year ago

What the best thing about the Yahoo mail platform is it works exceptionally well off with any third-party platform – for example Microsoft Edge, or any other popular cross-platform web browser. Despite being so good, there can be instances where you might get the issue of Why Yahoo mail not working on edge due to many reasons.

So if you can’t figure out how you’re going to fix this up, the following perfect troubleshooting guidelines will guide you with reasons behind the problem and techniques.

Credible Reasons to Get Yahoo Mail Not Working on Edge

  • The browser – Microsoft Edge might not be updated.
  • Your Edge browser’s cache and cookies.
  • You might have disabled the JavaScript responsible for Yahoo mail to load.
  • Running of security programs or firewall.

Go-Ahead with Techniques to Resolve Yahoo Mail Not Working on Edge

Step 1: Restart your Computer and your Microsoft Edge browser.  

Step 2: Remove you’re the cache and cookies. You can do it by getting through the Settings.

Step 3: Enable the JavaScript from the Edge settings – or you can add the plug-ins

Step 4: Check whether there is latest updates available for your Microsoft Edge browser.

Step 5: Temporarily turn off any security program running in the background.

With these simple techniques, your Yahoo email problem with Microsoft Edge is resolved. Hope this guide helps you in every possible way we have mentioned in this post.


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